Mark LaRiviere



I begin by finding an engagement with the materials and concepts with which I work.  I look for a spark of truth or a certain light that resides in all things and allows the piece to come alive.  I search for discovered rhythms, forms and movements that become apparent as I work.
Sculpture--particularly wood carving--gives the work an edge of uncertainty.  There is a constant tension between the working and the witness.  If I follow the demands of my ego, all is lost, and truth eludes me.  When my hands and tools find the ineffable essence of the rhythm of the materials, the forms emerge that live today and yet feel as if they have existed always. 


This current work is new to me and yet has been with me since my beginnings.  My first stirrings as an artist were to make convincing people, figures and heads; either singularly or in groups, and give to them solid form.  These forms have persisted with me as I have worked, and always, the question remains; how to bring forth these figures honestly, reflecting a sense of truth and light that feels of our time.


May, 2016 

Mark LaRiviere

Mailing Address:
115 Ludlow St Apt B1
New York, 10002

Phone: 212 228-6885



Studio Address:

463 West Street, Suite 1206

New York, NY 10014


Summer Address:

120 Staples Road,

Stephentown, NY


Mark LaRiviere's work is represented by Thompson Giroux Gallery, Chatham, NY